Multiple barcodes? No problem.

Barcode scanning is simple enough when you’re dealing with one barcode per label. But what happens when you need to capture data from a label with multiple barcodes?  Wouldn’t it be great to scan multiple barcodes with one scan?

Chances are you’re capturing the barcodes one at a time, which is slow and labor-intensive. The answer:  Multi-Code Data Formatting (MDF).

Using MDF and 2D barcode scanners, you can pull the scanner trigger once and decode up to 20 barcodes on a single label. Advanced Data Formatting (ADF) formats the decoded barcodes for your host and even outputs them in the proper order.

The resulting efficiency cuts time and labor dramatically while improving scanning accuracy.

Barcode 2D Imager scanning barcodes

Easy Programming with 123Scan

Configuring a scanner for MDF is easy.  Huzzard utilizes a utility program called 123Scan . Designed to be intuitive enough for first-time users, 123Scan walks you through the process of configuring your data capture device. It includes step-by-step guidance for generating an MDF rule, which will drive the multi-barcode scanning process.

When it comes time to program your device, 123Scan allows you to either scan a single programming barcode or perform a USB download of the program to configure your scanner.

When Huzzard needs to program a whole fleet of scanners remotely, we utilize Zebra’s Scanner Management Service.

We also use Zebra’s Software Development Kit (SDK) to configure scanners differently for different input screens.

See how simple and powerful the programming process is by watching a quick 10-minute MDF training video.

Get More Done with Fewer Errors

By enabling the capture of multiple barcodes on a single label, Multi-code Data Formatting delivers a double advantage of increased productivity and fewer errors. Instead of potentially missing a barcode or scanning the same barcode twice, the whole process is automated for flawless accuracy.

In addition, you can even scan barcodes located on multiple sides of a box. Simply keep the trigger pulled and aim your scanner over each surface, and it captures your barcodes seamlessly.

How to Get Started

Call Huzzard Systems 1-800-321-9094, or email.