Digital Work Instructions

Train new employees faster and with confidence

Digital Work Instructions – 9 dynamic reasons to make the move

Take your work instructions to the next level with the power of Info on Demand™ Digital Documents.

  • Easily transform your hard copy work instructions from hiding in a 3-ring binder to an interactive digital screen
  • Complement your documents with audio and video for clear and concise instructions
  • Save time updating your documentation
  • Capture meaningful data as processes are completed
  • Share meaningful improvement information by employee and/or by work station
  • Improve quality
  • Improve efficiency
  • Improve communication
  • Capture ISO compliance information

Auto-Step IoT Tool Integration

Info on Demand™ Digital Documents allows automatic process progression by utilizing IoT Tool Integration.

  • Automatically step through selected documents using a connected tool. When the desired torque is reached, the next step is presented.
  • Allow end users to concentrate on their work, not the technology

Easy Admin Set-up

You will find the Admin portal of Digital Documents intuitive and easy to use. Create users, define your areas of work, and activate your products. As soon as your environment is set-up, you’re ready to upload your documents for use.

  • Customize your company hierarchy to fit your process (Parent Company / Subsidiary / Business Unit / Line / Workstation / Employee)
  • Utilize existing documentation
  • Intuitive file structure for uploading and storing documents
  • Modify created and assigned workstations, products, or document information

Prepare Your Work Instructions for Digital Viewing

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Preparing your work instructions for digital interaction is necessary. It’s the heavy lifting. The good news is that if completed with input from experienced employees, it will pay huge dividends in terms of giving your new employees the tools they need to be successful.  You will also find improvement in the quality of work from seasoned employees building products they don’t see frequently.

  • To get started, you need to think about how you want to convey your instructions when they interact with Huzzard’s intuitive Digital Viewer. 
  • Do you want detailed instructions including major steps and sub-steps that automatically advance and are complemented with photos or videos? 
  • Or, do you want to keep things simple? Just show a photo with enumeration of the sequence of completing the task?
  • Either way, if you haven’t already, make an outline of major steps and sub-steps related to the task.
  • Then, gather, or take photos, to complement each major step.  Decide if you think adding video or voice recording might be a better way to communicate what needs to be done.
  • Once you have the fundamental information created and updated, and you have completed setting up the admin portion of Info on Demand for Digital Documents, you are ready to upload your content for digital viewing.
  • Yes! You now have the ability to create the interactive digital experience you want your employee to have by utilizing the Info On Demand Digital Documents editing functions.
  • Note, it may take some time to bring your instructions up to date and ready for digital interaction depending on the current state of your work instructions, but don’t feel over whelmed. Huzzard can assist for a reasonable price if you are interested in help.

Many display options

  • Tablet
  • iPad
  • PC Monitor
  • Touchscreen or mouse and keyboard

This is cool – PC or Mac not required to display your digital documentation. Simply connect your monitor to the Huzzard Control Box utilizing a local network connection.

Edits and updates are super easy

Quickly update, edit and effortlessly view document history. No more post-it notes in a binder!

  • Update files in-place without requiring further updates
  • Automatic document revision control to track change history
  • Revert to previous documents with a single click

Timely Notifications

Fast and efficient communication between admins and end users keeps everyone on the same page about document updates and recommendations

  • Notify employees when documents are updated or changed
  • Employees can send requests for assistance and document revisions directly from Digital Documents
  • Admins can receive requests for assistance and documents revisions directly from Digital Documents
  • A log of requests and log of notifications is captured in the Digital Documents Admin portal.
  • The logs of requests and notifications help ensure ISO compliance and aid in keeping documents accurate and up to date.

Benefits of Digital Documents

Train new employees faster

Built in revision control with direct communication from employees regarding recommended document changes and updates

Improve Quality

Decrease employee training time and easily find where your process inefficiencies fall through descriptive reporting

Informative Reporting

Run a large variation of reports to find the data that will be most meaningful to you.

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Basic – $295 Annually per workstation

Subscription includes:

  • One IoD Digital Documents Workstation License
  • Training
  • Advanced Support

Ask about our free 30 day trial

Enhanced – $375 Annually per Workstation

Achieve maximum efficiency by utilizing IoT tool integration.

Pricing includes:

  • One IoD Digital Documents Workstation License
  • Training
  • Automated PDF Compression
  • IoT Tool Integration Setup
  • Unlimited IoT API Calls
  • Platinum tier support

Enterprise Pricing – 15+ Workstations

Looking streamline your documents for a large quantity of workstations?

Contact us regarding custom enterprise pricing for either our Basic or Enhanced plans.

Optional Accessories – One Time Costs

Control Box – $399

The control box is an optional one-time cost for our custom tool integration. The control box will be used to communicate between the IoT tool and the Digital Documents Workstation. One Control Box is required per workstation when utilizing tool integration. The Control Box is also required if you wish to use a Monitor without a PC or Mac and can be used simultaneously with tool integration.

Foot Pedal – $38

Foot pedal adds great value when needed to support hands-free advancement of steps within the document

Service and Support

Need help making the move from hard copy binders? We can help organize and modify existing documents to make a smooth transition.

You will have access to the best ongoing customer support to ensure that you are getting the most from yourInfo on Demand™ Demand Digital Documents software. As soon as your system is live, you and your team will receive one on one training.

  • Personalized
  • Engaged
  • Educational

Cloud Security Features

Your data is important. That’s why we take security seriously. All your data stored in the cloud is stored securely with industry standard security features to make sure your data is accessible whenever you need it.

  • Data Encryption
  • User Credential Requirements
  • Automated Backups
  • Secure AWS Servers


End to end encryption for all data to and from Info on Demand™

Credential Requirements

Credential requirements makes sure admin and employee passwords are secure to help prevent brute force attacks


AWS servers have a stellar 99.9% uptime to make sure your data is accessible when you request it

Automated Backups

Never worry about data loss with automated backups

API Encryption

API encryption using TLS/SSL

Virtual Private Cloud

Hosted on a private cloud server so no applications besides yours have access

DDoS Mitigation

Utilizes DDoS mitigation techniques including TCP Syn cookies and connection rate limiting.

Spoofing and Sniffing Protections

Managed firewalls prevent IP, MAC and ARP spoofing on the network and between all virtual hosts. Packet sniffing is prevented using infrastructure including hypervisor

Physical Procautions

Physical infrastructure is stored in a secure area with redundant power, fire detection and suppression systems, and temperature controlled to take the extra step in securing your data

Find more security information here

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