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Trackology 101 Barcode Scanner


Trackology 101 barcode scanner for collecting UW Madison Student ID values from the Students IDs.

  • Symbology
  • 1D
  • Communication Type
  • USB
Trackology 101 User Guide


Huzzard Trackology 101 barcode scanner for collecting UW Student ID bar code numbers.
Price includes:
Huzzard Trackology 101 Barcode scanner, USB communication and charging cable and neck strap.

Charge last up to 8 hours.
Scanner holds up to 10,000 scans in memory.

Operating in HID mode, scans are collected and later downloaded via USB cable connection to laptop, PC or tablet. Data is deleted from scanner after downloading.

You also have the option of scanning directly into a program if the scanner is connected via the USB cable while scanning.

The following value-added services will be provided:
– Written instructions, including screen shots.
– Provide all firmware updates.

NOTE: You will receive download instructions for using scanner in VCP mode. VCP mode will allow you to Date and Time stamp each scan and export the information in addition to the student ID number. After exporting data from the scanner you can import data as a csv text file into Excel. VCP mode also allows you to save the data on scanner.

VCP functionality is for Windows OS only.
– Written instructions and configuration barcodes for switching back and forth between VCP mode and HID USB mode will be provided.

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