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HSRF-202 Member Registration Drivers License Scanner


Custom Driver License Parsing Scanner for ABC DataTrak Member Registration.
Want to make a great first impression on your new member or customer? Utilize the Huzzard HSRF-202 Driver License Barcode Scanner at time of registration.
By simply asking for their driver license and scanning the barcode on the back, your new member or customer will be pleased that the personal information gathering part of the registration process is private, accurate, and quick.
Huzzard delivers the HSRF-202 pre-programmed with a custom program that parses the data out of the barcode and then automatically populates fields in your registration program.
No more having to announce private information within earshot of bystanders while registering members and customers.
Don’t miss this chance to make a great first impression!

  • Custom settings:
  • Scanner parses data from PDF417 barcode on U.S. Drivers License and imports into ABC DataTrak New Member Sign-up fields.
  • Communication Type:
  • Scanning Type:
  • Motion Detect
  • Optimal Scan Distance:
  • 2" - 4"
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