Digital Work Instructions
to Improve Production, Quality Control, Training

We know you want to streamline your production processes. Let the power of Info on Demand™ Digital Work Instructions for manufacturing take your work instructions to the next level.

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5 Ways Digital Work Instructions Improve Manufacturing

1. Increased Efficiency for Operations

Gone are the days of flipping through a 3-ring binder to find instructions. With digital work instructions, operators can easily find what instructions they need.

2. Improved Quality Control and Less Waste

Cut down on wasted materials and time by providing photos, audio and video with concise directions for both new and seasoned employees.

3. Maximized Training Quality in Less Time

Get new hires up to speed faster while maintaining stellar results with straightforward instructions that can be accessed from a tablet, iPad or PC monitor.

4. Accurate, Real-Time Reporting

Take the stress out of decision-making with informative, visual reports that highlight areas of efficiency and those you can target for improvement.

5. Easy Set-up and Updating

The intuitive, easy-to-use Admin portal makes customizing your company hierarchy, creating users, and uploading existing documents a breeze.

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