Virtual Labels™

Granting access to product information for the next generation

Meet our Virtual Labeling solution

You want to make an impact and save your organization money – listen up.  You need disruptive, we can help.  Take a look at information labels plastered on your product.  Which labels provide your customer with meaningful info, but do not have to be “on” your product per a 3rd party compliance requirement?  How many of those labels cause you grief and lots of money when there is a change and you have to scrap thousands of dollars and go through a fire drill to get the right label?

Welcome to Huzzard’s revolutionary Virtual Labeling solution.  If you are OK looking at the Sunday paper on-line, you will get what we are talking about.

Product ID and Information labels accessible 24/7


Huzzard Systems’ revolutionary Virtual Labeling solution offers you cost savings, real-time product information and  enhanced customer experience like never before.

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Huzzard’s Virtual Labels – The intersection of Real-Time Visibility and Product Information.

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