Trackology Web Application

Real time visibility to your event attendees and web applications like never before.

When your members are happy, so are you.

Trackology is a simple, cross-platform way to track and reward member loyalty. Available wherever and whenever you are.

The power of web applications.

Trackology is a web application. That means that you can use it anywhere you get internet access. You don’t have to go through any installation process. You never need to update. Everything happens automatically. Sound simple? It is. And thats a good thing. And that’s what the Trackology web application is here for.

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Worried about compatibility? Don't be.

Because this member loyalty tracking system is built on HTML5, not only will it work anywhere, but it will work on anything. Trackology web applications work seamlessly on phones, tablets, and computers. Mac or Windows? Android or iOS? It should be your choice, not ours. So we’ve made it work on everything.


0 - 499 Members

Setup and Support

Import Existing Members

Reporting and Insights

Reward Management

Unlimited Transactions

25 per month

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500 - 2499 Members

Setup and Support

Import Existing Members

Reporting and Insights

Reward Management

Unlimited Transactions

Member ID Barcodes

50 per month

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Capture your members in an easy, searchable way. Keep track of information thats importation to you, like phone and email addresses.

Setup and Support

We want to earn your loyalty, too. We are available via virtual meetings, email, phone, and will visit onsite if necessary.

Import Members

Already have your customers on file? No problem. We can import your existing members into Trackology. No sense doing work twice.

Reports and Insights

Trackology comes with a dashboard that shows your trending data. Information at a glance makes it easy to see what’s working and what’s not.

Reward Management

We provide an easy way to manage how your members are rewarded for their loyalty. When a customer reaches one of your rewards, we’ll let you know onscreen.

Unlimited Transactions

You will never pay a transaction fee. We want you to be excited – not afraid – about growing your membership.

Member Barcodes

Provide your members with barcodes. Simply scan a member to register their attendance at your store or at your event.

Bluetooth Scanner

We’ll even include a scanner for you to use. Use bluetooth to connect to your phone, tablet, or computer.

Low Cost

We want to provide a simple, elegant solution without the fluff of other loyalty programs. This translates to savings for you.


Get in touch and we’ll get you started.  Whether you want to try Trackology or are ready to purchase, we’ll be happy to help.

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