HSRF-502 Troubleshooting

No Power

HSRF-502: No Power

Solution 1: Step 1

Ensure that the power supply is plugged into the RS232 cable, and that the power supply is plugged into an active power source.

Step 2


Ensure that the RS232 cable is fully plugged into the reader.

NOTE: In the second picture, the cable is not fully plugged in. The line on the cable is not flush with the cable insertion area. This could potentially cause both power and communication issues.

When plugging in the RS232 cable into the reader, push the cable in until you hear a “click”, then press once more until the last line on the cable is flush with the insertion area.

Attention: If you continue to experience power issues after checking all cable connections, check to make sure your power supply was the one supplied by Huzzard Systems. If not, the reader may have a blown fuse, in which case please connect ABC technical support to begin the RMA process.

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