HSRF-502 Troubleshooting

Continuous Beeping

HSRF-502: Continuous Beeping

Overview: The continuous beep you are experiencing is due to a missing file on your reader. With every beep, the reader is searching for this missing file. Follow the steps below to ensure all files are properly installed onto your reader.

Step 1

Check to see if your computer has CortexTools installed. If not, please download by clicking on the following link: http://www.codecorp.com/downloads.php

(If you already have Cortex Tools, please proceed to Step 6)

Step 2

Then click on “Software”, followed by clicking on on the check box with the license agreement.

Step 3

Once you’ve agreed to the licensing agreement, an arrow above the check box will turn red. When it does, click on the arrow.

Step 4

Once the file is downloaded, open the file and “extract” all of the files. This can be done by clicking on the “CortexInstall” file and clicking “extract all”.

Step 5

Then, follow the instructions provided by the Install Wizzard.

Step 6

Once CortexTools is installed on your computer, remove the power supply from the RS232 cable. The light on top of the CR5020 should no longer be on. If it is still on, also remove the RS232 cable from the PC.

Step 7

Ensure that the reader is sitting on a flat, level surface. (There is a button located on the bottom of the reader that must be automatically pressed in when the reader rests on its operating surface)

Step 8

While pressing and holding the top trigger button (as shown below), plug the power supply (black cable) back into the RS232 (gray) cable (and plug the RS232 cable into the computer, if you had to remove it).

Step 9

Keep the top trigger depressed until the reader beeps multiple times.

Step 10

Once you hear those beeps, release the trigger.

Step 11

The LED on top of the reader should now be flashing between a bright and dim Green.

Step 12

Place the reader into “RS232 Boot Mode” by pressing and releasing the trigger button on the top of the reader, it should then switch to flashing between red and green. The reader is now in RS232 Boot Mode and will be ready to have files downloaded to it.

Step 13

Once the reader is in RS232 Boot Mode, open CortexTools on your computer.

Step 14

When CortexTools opens, click on the COM ports option at the top of CortexTools. Select the COM port given in the drop down menu and adjust the settings to shown below. When finished, click OK.

Step 15

CortexTools will now show that it recognizes the reader.

Step 16

Click “Open File . . . “ and browse the drop down menu for the downloaded firmware file and click “Download File.” The firmware install process will take approximately 6 minutes.

Step 17

Once the firmware file is downloaded and installed, the reader will reboot. At this point, once the reader finalizes the reboot (the reader will beep and top light will be green), scan the barcodes below to configure the reader for ABC RS232 settings:

Step 18

Proceed to test the reader in your work environment.

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