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Welcome to our Portfolio

We’re glad you’re here! Huzzard Systems is a recognized, solutions oriented company in Appleton, Wisconsin focused on process improvement through barcode and labeling technologies.

We are exceptionally good at delivering solutions that involve real-time visibility of product andcustomer information, on-demand printing of labels, and automatic data capture.

With over 30 years of experience, our staff is well equipped to increase productivity and drive down costs within your company.

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Our Customers

With your customer in mind through every step, we at Huzzard Systems pride ourselves on our 3D Solution Process. Discuss. Develop. Deliver. Take a look below to see where the Huzzard Systems 3D Solution Process has helped to save companies both time and money across the nation.


lean line labeling assembly line with workers
See how less label waste, less label inventory and improved work and data flow can make a powerful impact on your assembly lines.


rows of treadmills
Fast, accurate and private. Your customers will love our Read & Feed™ solution. They no longer have to spell out their last name, or their street address, for anyone to hear within ear shot.

Energy & Utilities

Oil Rig in the water
Our custom On-Demand LockOut TagOut tags provide flexibility for any industry. We at Huzzard Systems understand that every situation is different, so why not have a custom, on-demand LockOut TagOut tag that clearly defines what that situation entails?

Event Enhancement

Trackology is a simple, cross-platform way to track and reward member loyalty. Available wherever and whenever you are.

Law Enforcement

Police Vehicle
Drastically reduce manual data entry, significantly reduce the time of traffic stops and keep your eyes on the action - not the keyboard with Read & Feed™ for Law Enforcement.

Warehouse and Logistics

warehouse and product
Huzzard is a recognized integrator of industry leading inventory management hardware for warehouses and cold storage facilities across the country.

Why stop there!

Was your industry not listed above? No problem! Contact us today at 920-257-4357 or below to see if Huzzard Systems has a solution developed to suit your needs.






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