Lean Line Labeling™

Optimize your label design, procurement, and consumption on every production line.

Huzzard Makes “Lean” Leaningful.


Huzzard’s Lean Line Labeling™ systems result in less label waste, less label inventory, and improved work and data flow on your assembly line.

A typical Huzzard Lean Line Labeling™ system involves print on-demand labels, pre-printed labels, vendor managed label inventory and barcode or RFID technologies.

We build your Lean Line Labeling™ eco-system based on labels with dynamic data you can print on the factory floor combined with pre-printed static data labels. Label material testing, engineering drawings, label archiving and line-stocking are all complimentary value-added services.

Huzzard’s elegant application development and comprehensive systems integration of software, barcode printers and barcode scanners ensures optimal data presentation, data capture and data movement.

The benefits of Lean Line Labeling™ apply to all types of labels generated or consumed on a production line including:  serial number labels, tracking labels, shipping labels, nameplate labels, warning labels and UL / CSA labels.

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Smart Automation.

Products are uniquely identified by their associated serial number, and when we begin to generate this number (and the corresponding barcode) dynamically, we begin to simplify the entire assembly process. Instead of logging the serial number by hand, simply scan it with one of our barcode scanners.  In fact, we even develop systems that generate box/rating labels by scanning that unique serial number barcode.

Serial Number Labels

Lose the waste and generate serial number labels on demand. Use your SKU numbers to generate both dynamic and static information, and encode data like the serial number in a barcode. We can work with a variety of platforms and databases to provide a seamless transition from pre-printed to on-demand printed on your production lines.

Warning Labels

warning label
ANSI Z535 safety labels an be provided on a roll or stack of labels in a pack. Or, here's an idea that's proven worthy - we can analyze the labels required for the Bill of Materials for each SKU and design a "kit" of labels. Instead of 5-20 different part numbers, you now receive one parent part number and several children part numbers. This kitting concept can deliver as much as 80% reduction in inventory. And, you will immediately realize the indirect benefits of: fewer POs, fewer receipts, fewer invoices to pay, and fewer engineering drawings to maintain.. You get the whole "kit and kaboodle."

Rating Labels

Example of a Label
Rating labels are much the same story—print them as you need them with dynamic and static information. We also offer service bureau printing that can be delivered directly to your line, allowing multiple sizes and configurations.

UL / CSA Labels

Serial number label
Print on-demand UL / CSA labels.  Our UL and CSA label materials recognized for both indoor and outdoor performance.  They are made to withstand harsh environments, chemical exposure, abrasion, and UV Light exposure. Integrate with a Zebra ZT500 series or ZT600 sseries printer and Huzzard application development and you have a compliant print on-demand labeling system that will provide benefits for years to come.

Shipping Labels

shipping label
Scan the barcode we made when we printed the serial number label, and out comes the box label with all the necessary information and barcode sets, including barcoded logistics information and California Prop 65 warnings (in any language). Logistic Labels

Overlay Decals and Nameplate Labels

Overlay decals and nameplate labels
Overlay decals and Nameplates can be functional and decorative. Material selection is very important. Polycarbonate label material, for instance, can be printed both first surface and sub-surface and come in a variety of finishes and can be easily cleaned. Other benefits include embossing properties, heat resistance up to 275 degrees F, and minimal shrinkage. Selective adhesive leaves windows clear and buttons usable.
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Just-in-time production can be taken to new heights with the introduction of dynamic, on-demand generation of serial number labels, box labels and rating plates.  These labels have dynamic information on them, so producing them ahead of time leads to waste and complicates record keeping. By printing dynamic data on-demand, production lines can consolidate the number of label formats and sizes resulting in cost reductions and lean inventories! Pair that with complimentary line stocking and vendor managed inventory by Huzzard, and you’re labeling system will be one less thing you have to worry about in your day.

Don't get left behind!

Huzzard Systems was a key player in our transition to generating serial number labels on-demand on our production lines.  Their knowledge of label materials, barcode technologies, printing, programming and systems integration is outstanding

Production Manager, Industrial Equipment Manufacturer.