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Huzzard Systems delivers progressive technology solutions that help law enforcement complete tasks efficiently, accurately and safely.

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Law Enforcement

At Huzzard Systems, we create solutions for Law Enforcement that:  Improve officer safety, save time on traffic stops, increase departmental revenue and decrease departmental costs.  To aide your department in achieving these goals we have developed 3 fundamental programs that can be tailored to your department’s needs:

Zebra ZQ520


E-Citation – taking Read & Feed™ to the next level – after parsing the DL information into your RMS program – The portable printer then prints out the citation on the spot.

The time savings vs. a handwritten ticket and reduction in manual paperwork allow these systems to pay for themselves in about a year – with future years’ savings going directly to the departments bottom line

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Return on Investment: E-Citation

– What is E-Citation?

– Case Study: McAllen PD

Motorola DS457 scanner for drivers license scanning

Read & Feed™

Read & Feed™  is a driver’s license barcode reading solution designed to automate driver’s license and vehicle data entry into a variety of law enforcement programs.

What would it mean to your department to reduce errors by manual data entry, decrease time spent gathering driver information, and increase the officers situational awareness by freeing up their eyes to observe the environment around them.  Click here to learn more about Read & Feed™ for Law Enforcement

Forensic Investigator touching Crime Scene tape

Evidence Tracking

Evidence Tracking – Helping departments small and large – Increase Productivity by Collecting data faster, with greater accuracy and in greater detail.  Eliminate human error and maintain accurate records with Huzzard Evidence Tracking Scanners.

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